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Manifold Press

Aiming for excellence in gay fiction

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Hop Against Homophobia
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MANIFOLD PRESS is currently taking part in a 'Hop Against Homophobia'.
For details of how you can get involved, and how you can win the
free MANIFOLD PRESS book of your choice,
please check out our Blogspot entry.

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I tried to comment at your Blog, but Blogger and I don't seem to get along. I'll post it here as well, in case it doesn't work there.

Yesterday I was so pleased to hear one of our local radio announcers host a segment on "International Day Against Homophobia". The day before, she also had a segment about equal marriage, and it was wonderful to hear several listeners phone in to complain about a rather bigoted doctor, whose name had been included in a submission to a senate inquiry into equal marriage. He had been spouting the usual stuff about children needing a mother and a father to become successful adults. It was a breath of fresh air to hear such heartfelt responses from those listeners.

Change is happening. Way too slowly, but eventually we'll all be wondering why it took so long.

Many thanks to you and your writers for providing a safe place for LGBT readers and their straight allies to gather.

Thanks for mentioning your trouble commenting at Blogger, we've amended the post slightly so that people can comment in either place and still be included in the draw!

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